Happy Tuesday Peeps!

All is calm on my side of Juno, but as 2015’s biggest storm thus far makes it’s way up the East Coast, I’m sure many of you are taking advantage of the much-needed downtime.  However, if you’re one that likes to stay busy, and can get cabin fever rather quickly, one way to pass the time is to embark upon a craft project.  With winter comes hearty eating and comfort food like chili and soups, so if you have some empty cans hanging out in your recycle bin, pull them out and get crafting.

DF collage 400

That’s right, tin cans are great for repurposing into all kinds of decor—whether it’s a funky lamp, an eclectic front door or decoration for a rustic-themed wedding.  Of course, safety is always important during crafting projects, so make sure all edges have been smoothed before handling.  So, the next time you pull out a canned item from your pantry, you may get inspired to create more than just a meal!


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