Happy Wedding Wednesday!

If you are reading this article right now, you are most likely reading it while on-the-go with your smart phone.  Isn’t it amazing how cell phones have become so ubiquitous in everyday life?   They’re great, they’re convenient, but they can be (or have become) somewhat annoying for many people during special events like weddings.

Of course, we all enjoy the availability of our camera phones during those life celebrations like weddings, birthday and anniversary parties.  However, there is a growing trend among famous and non-famous couples in that they are requesting to have camera-free/cell phone-free ceremonies.


Many may think this to be rather odd because who doesn’t want to capture their special day with a timeless photo or recording, right?   True, but many couples are going unplugged for various reasons like not wanting a precious moment in their life plastered all over Instagram for strangers to see, or something as simple as wanting to maintain the integrity of the photos taken by their official photographer.  For celebrity couples, privacy and maintaining control of their image are of utmost importance.

There are many reasons why a couple would go for this option.  If you are planning to walk down the aisle and want to go unplugged, the best thing to do is prepare your family and friends ahead of time.  Many may not understand, and be a little resentful of the request.  In order to stem sore feelings, consider offering your guests an alternative by providing time for them to use their cameras and/or smart phones at the reception or have a photo booth available. The important thing is that your loved ones respect your wishes so that you and your fiancé can enjoy your day without sacrificing the intimacy of the occasion.


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