Hey Sweetie Pies!

Hope your day is treating you well.  Speaking of treats, today happens to be National Dessert Day!  Yes, a whole day dedicated to celebrating my favorite meal.  As a very wise person once said….


Since October is known for being the time that kicks off a 12-week marathon of food indulgence between the end of the month and January 1st, why not indulge a little early?   Pop into any discount retail chain or supermarket and take advantage of the bags of chocolate candies on sale right now.  Mix your favorite brand with a batch of brownies or cake mix and bake a decadent dessert to celebrate the day.   If you rather have ice cream, create a dreamy after-dinner dessert drink with your favorite liqueur.

I know that it’s important to watch the calories, but days like this gives us a reason to satisfy the kid in all of us and enjoy the ‘sweet life’ without the guilt.


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