Happy Wedding Wishes and Matrimonial Dreams!

As many of you continue to celebrate new engagements this week, let’s talk about the first of many gatherings leading up to the BIG DAY—the engagement party!

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Like a wedding, there is no one way to have an engagement party.  If the couple has already decided on the theme of their ceremony, they can incorporate that theme into their pre-nuptial festivities.   Rustic, formal or whimsical—take your pick.  You could also have a costumed engagement party where all couples come dressed as famous couples of the past and present.  There is no end to ideas for your celebration.

Since many couples are opting to have co-ed showers or alternatives to traditional showers and bachelor parties, an engagement party  is a great opportunity to have a tailor-made fête that fits your taste and style.  Think of it this way, the engagement celebration is like a couple’s coming-out party. You want your debut as each other’s fiancé to be the ‘cherry on top’ of your marriage proposal.


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