Merry After Christmas!

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season thus far.   As always, my Christmas was fantabulous, as nothing beats the combination of family, friends and delicious food!

Although many were dreaming of a white Christmas, it was no such luck in my part of the world.   However, there were many ladies dreaming of a proposal this year; so, you probably received Christmas Day notices on your social media pages from several friends and/or family members announcing their engagements.

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It is no secret that the Christmas/New Year’s Eve holiday season is one of the most popular times in which couples become engaged—if not THEE most popular time.   If you are one of those lucky ladies, then you should know that the countdown began as soon as you said, ‘Yes!’

But, never fear!   Just take a breath and enjoy the ‘engagement honeymoon’ for the next week.  However, once next month arrives, you’ll definitely want to initiate two very important premliminary planning activities: 1.) talk to your fiancé about what he envisions for your big day and 2.) find the right event designer to help guide you through the process and ultimately make your wedding wishes a reality.

Congrats to all the new brides-and-grooms-to-be!

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