Happy Wedding Wednesday!

In keeping with the theme of the season, another way to incorporate the holidays into a Christmas wedding is by hanging stockings for the bride and the groom at the reception near the gift table.   Of course, gifts do not have to be placed in them as they can be strictly for decorative purposes.

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However, brides and grooms can have fun with this idea as they can choose to make their stockings themselves and add mementos from their relationship, add photos, or create  non-traditional stockings that reflect their interests.  Yet, there’s nothing wrong with taking the traditional route either.   What can be more adorable than a stocking outfitted in white lace for the bride and black satin and bow-tie for the groom?

Like most event designers, the holiday season is one of my favorite times of year, and Christmas weddings give clients (and myself) the awesome opportunity of re-creating that childhood magic while celebrating one of life’s most wonderful moments.

Happy Yuletide!

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