A match made in heaven… Lavender and charcoal!

After just redoing my bedroom with lavender walls and charcoal accents, I realized how much I like this color combination for events, too!  The softness and femininity of the light purple work well with the harder, neutral gray, which makes it appropriate for events like weddings and sweet sixteens, along with everyday home décor.  Accent colors like a deeper violet and a creamy off-white can be brought into the palette for added dimension.

Although they are both shades of purple and often used interchangeably, lavender and lilac are two different colors.  Be very specific with your vendors and planner if you are using either color for an event.  Lavender has blue-gray hues to give it a more muted, sophisticated feel.  Lilac has tints of red, which makes it appear pinker, so it’s a brighter shade that’s great for an event like a baby shower.

Check out some inspiration below!  Then tell us what you think of the lavender and charcoal look!

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