Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today’s modern bride is always looking to showcase her  personal style  through the details of her special day, from the dress to the décor—and thebridal bouquet is no exception.

Are you a bride who doesn’t particularly care for fresh  flowers?   Do you love some ‘bling’ in everything you do, and are looking for a unique bouquet to carry down the aisle on your wedding day?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, then look no further as  jeweled bouquets are becoming the chic alternative to the floral posy.

In doing reserach for alternatives to traditional bloomy garland, we stumbled upon this  amazing San Diego-based company  Blue Petyl , who specializes in couture wedding bouquets.

Blue Petyl has  pioneered new design concepts with  jeweled silk flower, button, and brooch bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

Whether its a custom or pre-made design,  you will surely shine with these lovely bouquets!





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