Happy Fashion Friday!  The planners at Tiffany Chalk Events pride themselves on always looking out for great finds for their brides-to-be.

This week’s find focuses on Brandi Renee Designs and their new Ultimate Customizable Flip Flop Sandal. 

BRD recently announced this new footwear line that gives their customers a chance to showcase their unique style by customizing a flip-flop to their liking.   They can choose from two basic styles, which is either ‘The Skinny’ or ‘The Wedge.’  BRD makes it simple by providing only two base color choices of black or white.  From there, customers can choose among a selection of jewels to style their flip-flop. 

Yeah, we know the temperature outside is steadily falling while the calendar quickly heads to winter.  However, these sandals are a cute way to show off your personal style as you go through your pre-wedding beauty routine, or enjoy a bridal shower spa day with your wedding party, or even take along with you for the Hawaiian honeymoon.  Let’s not stop there, a white flip-flop styled with the right combination of jewels can pair great with the perfect gown for a destination beach wedding.

Not a bride-to-be?  No problem.  This chic footwear will go great with your resort wardrobe for a winter get-a-way to the Caribbean, rock during your weekly pedicure, or wear if you simply want to look cute around the house.   No matter the reason, these adorable sandals will help you put your best foot forward.  Enjoy!

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