Top of the Morning to You!  I’m just a wee bit excited because I know that when St. Patrick’s Day arrives this means that the spring season is right around the corner! This annual holiday is a great transition into the warm weather months of the year, as the vibrant green colors of the festivities reminds us of what is to come.  So, I dedicate this blog to the ‘Emerald Isle’ brides who may want a touch of ancestral influence in their wedding, and to the brides of which green happens to be their favorite color.

Although you can go all-out with a green and yellow theme, which would definitely showcase the influence of St. Patrick’s Day, why not incorporate the entire spectrum of the rainbow into your wedding?  Trust me, and you might just find your ‘pot o’ gold.’

Imagine a beautiful green center-piece accented in yellow and/or gold, or a wedding cake decorated with a multitude of vibrant colors.  How about the bride’s maids’ bouquets created with an assortment of flowers favored by the Irish such as daisies, sunflowers and colorful roses?

Let’s not forget the food.  You may want to consider a family-style reception with Boxty, which is the Irish version of a potato pancake, or the infamous bacon and cabbage, and/or a delicious Irish stew.  Yummy!  Finally, a small replica of the Blarney Stone for your guests to kiss would offer them a playful welcome as they enter the reception.

I encourage you to take your time and peruse my inspiration board!  I hope it ignites your creative side in designing a board that details the “shamrock” wedding of your dreams!

Wishing you all a very Happy Spring—and St. Patrick’s Day!


St. Patrick Day Collage


Tiffany Chalk Signature