Hey Peeps!

Happy Tuesday! I want to give a DIY quick-tip for the ladies who may have a bedroom or closet flooded with jewelry boxes.   Take a beautifully-shaped, full-length mirror and glue decorative wall hooks to the glass!

DF collage 175

By doing this, you’ve created your own unique jewelry storage!  Plus, your baubles are openly displayed for easy reach and visuals.  The mirror also serves double-duty, so you can view yourself as you decide which piece of accessory to wear with your outfits.

If you are interested in embarking upon this DIY project, just remember a few things: 1.) Invest in decorative hooks with a smooth backing, as this will help when applying the glue and attaching to mirror; 2.) Make sure to get the appropriate glue (multi-purpose, transparent); 3.) If you want the mirror to hang on the wall, then hang it before you glue the hooks to the glass; 4.) Practice on an inexpensive, hand-held mirror before starting on the real project.

Of course, don’t forget 5.) Be creative!


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