Brought back in the limelight by Michael Kors’ gorgeous watches, rose gold is “the fab new neutral”… which makes it great for your wedding, too!  If you can’t decide between gold or silver metallic accents in your palette, rose gold is a wonderful alternative.

What is rose gold?  It’s an alloy, or a mix, of 24k yellow gold and copper.  When looking for your wedding details, you can search for rose gold and copper interchangeably- they’ll be similar in color for decorations like candle holders, photo frames, and placecards.  Rose gold can be as utilitarian as the copper wire bouquet shown below, or as rustic as beautiful lanterns for your tables’ candles.  Of course, rose gold is amazing in jewelry like your engagement ring and wedding bands.  I love the personalized lucky penny keychains to give as favors to your guests, too.The metallic color pairs well with cream and soft pink, or jewel tones like plum purple and peacock blue.  Although it’s not as readily available as gold or silver accents, the look is worth it!  Copper chiavari chairs are hard to come by but stunning for your reception and the flatware is a unique touch at each place setting.

What’s your favorite new rose gold piece?  Would you use the trend in your wedding?

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