Happy Friday Peeps!

The Easter holiday weekend is here!  If your dinner menu is set, but you need an idea for dessert, you can’t go wrong with desserts in a jar.  Cakes, pies and puddings in mason jars are both fun and convenient.   The jars double as serving utensils, and as to-go containers.


You can bake pies in the jars and set them out on a dessert bar with various flavors of whipped cream toppings and ice cream for your guests.  If you don’t want to serve cake or pie, try creating a decorative dessert using pudding or custard with fruit.  And, if you need an idea for shower or reception favors, your guests will definitely appreciate pre-made cakes or pies in jars wrapped with beautiful bows or flowers.

What better way to say ‘Happy Easter,’ ‘I Love You’ or ‘Thank You’ than with sweets for the sweet!

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