Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Shall we dance…..but to what song?  That’s the question many couples ask themselves as preparing for their special day.

We all know that choosing your wedding DJ or band is an important step in your planning process, as they control the mood for the entire 4 or 5 hours of your reception.  But smaller parts of your musical choices play a big role in setting the tone for your wedding as well, particularly your first dance.

Some couples have “their” song…a song they heard on their first date, or one that always makes them laugh or cry together.  This isn’t necessarily the right song for their first dance as husband and wife, though.  The first song should be chosen thoughtfully and be an accurate representation of the two of you both as individuals and as a union.

Here are some tips to pick a first dance you won’t regret:

– Always consider the lyrics.  Aside from watching the couple and hearing the music, guests will also be listening to the words of the song.  Explicit language, depressing songs, or tunes with oddball lyrics are not acceptable during your first dance!

– Get the party song out of your systems during the introduction.  At many weddings, the bridal party and newly married couple are introduced into the reception to an upbeat song to get everyone pumped up for the rest of the evening.  Then, the couple goes into their first dance.  Lately, popular introduction songs have been Beyonce’s  “Crazy In Love” and the Black Eyed Peas’ “I’ve Gotta Feeling”.

– Don’t try to make it a Dancing with the Stars performance.  If you’re both Broadway dancers, it would be a great way to show off your talent, but if you and your new spouse both have two left feet, make sure your song doesn’t require hours of practice.

On the same note (no pun intended), many people suggest attending a dance class to brush up on the basic waltz and foxtrot before your wedding.  I disagree- I think the moves for your first dance should reflect who you are, and if ballroom dancing isn’t your style, don’t fake it just for tradition’s sake.

Some of my favorite first dance songs span across all genres:

– Etta James – “At Last”

– Mary J Blige– “Everything”

-The Carpenters- “Close to You”

– Stevie Wonder- “Ribbon In The Sky”

– Eric Benet and Tamia– “Spend My Life With You”

– Celine Dion- “Because You Loved Me”

– HeatWave– “Always and Forever”

– Beyonce- “Love on Top”

– Nat King Cole – “Unforgettable”

-Shania Twain- “From This Moment”



Keep dancing the night away,

Tiffany Chalk Signature