Happy Tuesday!

As spring approaches, here are some budget-friendly tips that will help you prepare for the season:

1. Lemon juice – This is nature’s bleach.  If you want highlights for the season, but are put off by using chemical dyes, try using freshly-squeezed lemon juice in your hair.  After your shampoo/condition routine, spritz some lemon juice in your hair and let it air-dry in the sun now that the days are getting long.  It may not be a dramatic change, but it is a great economical and environment-friendly alternative.

2. Red pepper flakes or chili powder – These seasonings taste great in barbecue, but they can also double as ant repellant.  One of my staff members laid some near her kitchen window and it kept her unwanted guests away.

3.  Scented dryer sheets – Stick some unused sheets in a mesh bag and sit them in your undergarment drawer to keep your unmentionables scented.

4.  Linen water – Use this in your iron to scent your sheets and clothing.  This item can be expensive when purchased, but the cost is minimal if you make your own.

Hope these suggestions help you shoo away the winter doldrums!


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