Happy Fashion Friday Folks!

The weekend is here and the first day of summer is tomorrow!   After an extremely busy week, I am ready to soak in the sun and sink my pedicured toes in the sand.   Speaking of the season, it would seem that this is the summer of 90’s comebacks and reunions.  In recent weeks, the cast of A Different World and Blossom have come together to remember their popular sitcoms.   Of course, we can’t forget the current spin-off of A Boy Meets World, or the recently announced tv movie about the behind-the-scenes-drama of the show, Saved By The Bell.

Since the decade has come back in a big way, the fashion is surely to follow.  Most folks would probably agree that 90’s fashion should remain in the 90’s.  However, there are a few takeaways that you can most definitely rock in your wardrobe right now. 

Grundge was the stand-out trend of the decade.  So, try adding a leather jacket here, or a pair of stratetigically ripped jeans there for a 90’s-inspired outfit without looking like a reject from the film, Reality Bites.  

grunge 1

You can also combine some Converses or Doc Martins with a cute summer dress and some funky accessories for an outfit that is grundge-inspired without looking dated. 

grunge 2

The summer is the time to have fun and cut loose a little bit, and the perfect time to indulge in a trend that has a short shelf-life.


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