Happy Tuesday Folks!

It’s the beginning of June and the summer season is underway, and one of the social events of the season is the CFDA in NYC.  If you are not living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard about the numerous fashion missteps that occurred on the CFDA’s red carpet last night.  Unfortunately, the Adam Selman creation that Rihanna wore was one of them, according to some fashion critics and blogs.  However, in my book the headwrap was on fiya!


This look is ‘all-the-rage’ for the summer season.  It can be dressed up for an evening event, or dressed down for a poolside (or beachfront) cocktail party.  You may ask, “What does this have to do with DIY tips?”  Hey, not all of us can command creations from the industry’s hottest designers like major pop stars.  However, we can look like we do without busting the budget.   First, run (not walk) to your local arts & crafts store for some stretched tulle.  If you’re fortunate, you may find some with beading already sewn in the fabric.  If not, pick up some beading (translucent or colored), and transparent fabric glue and get to creating.

Summertime is the perfect to time to get a little bold in your fashion statement, and a scarf or headwrap decorated with pretty beading is a great accessory with which to accent that statement!


 Tiffany Chalk Signature