Happy Thursday Folks!

This week, I’ve been celebrating the countdown to spring, and the celebration continues today.   However, since it is ‘Throwback Thursday’, I thought I’d use the opportunity to honor ‘America’s First Sweetheart,’ Shirley Temple-Black and her famous song, On The Good Ship Lollipop as inpsiration for today’s blog.

DF collage 145

When you think of Shirley Temple, you can’t help but think of sugary-sweet goodness, effortless fun and timeless innocence.   These three themes can be used as a great starting point to plan your springtime (or summertime) soiree; be it a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or Mother’s Day celebration.  Candies in all forms of bright colors and textures along with assorted cakes and pastries, and maybe even ice cream can serve as an ooey-gooey backdrop to your event’s main menu.  Of course, if the event is catered more to an adult crowd, you can make sure to have a savory, yet sophisticated offering (example: tuna pate, empanadas made with fig, brie and prosciutto, and roasted potato salad).

As always, remember to let your imagination have free reign!

So, as the warmer months gradually come upon the horizon, and you begin to make plans to spend fun-in-the-sun time with family and friends, let Ms. Temple-Black’s legacy inspire you to always remain young-at-heart!




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