Happy Fashion Friday!

For many of us girls, the first time we ever wore a corsage was when our date pinned it on us for our first school dance.  However, look at a most recent prom picture and you will see that many young ladies now prefer a wrist corsage so that their garlands do not obscure the aesthetics of their outfit.

Of course, wrist corsages have now bloomed into ‘full out’ arm candy in the form of floral arm bands.  Not to be worn exclusively for special events, these accessories can add a pretty accent to a sundress, or be a funky statement piece for a sleeveless, leather jumpsuit with platform stilettos.

Finally, we can’t forget our brides.  If you’re a bride-to-be who’s not too keen on carrying a bouquet, or rather carry an item of more personal significance down the aisle, an arm bouquet may be what you are looking for!

 DF collage 41

So, who needs to wear their heart on their sleeve, when they can rock a pretty posey on their arm?   Enjoy!


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