Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Everyone is raising their glass to the once trend but now staple of  creating a signature cocktail for your special day.  They not only make a  great statement  but can show a refection of your  personality and style. Whether  you create a  wine spritzer, martini, pina colada or  ‘mocktail’ ,  your signature sip will surely be a hit!

To get you on your way to creating a delightful treat here are a few tips to use as a guideline:

  • make it meaningful and fun ( is there a certain drink tied to your  heritage or was your first date a winery ?)
  • presentation is everything (use creative garnishes to spruce up the presentation)
  • incorporate your wedding colors ( you can concoct just about any color with the use of enhancements and mixers)
  • make it appropriate to the season your wedding is in ( if your wedding is in the summer think about something refreshing and fruity)
  • be sure it tastes delish!  (always sample your drink before the big day to ensure its not too tart or too sweet)
  • have a non-alcoholic version for guest who do not drink alcohol



The possibilities are endless on what you can choose to personalize every detail of your wedding day!!  So heres to dancing and sipping the night away!

Tiffany Chalk Signature