Happy Friday Fashion Inspiration Fellow Fashionistas!

Whew, say that three times really quickly.  LOL!  Can you tell that I’m excited?  Well, while we are yet doing all we can to stay cool as thermometers rise, I am already looking forward to pulling out my leather, fur (or faux fur if you prefer), boots, coats and all my other wonderful cold weather fashions.

I am also looking forward to rocking some of the color trends for the season as they include some of my favorites.  Not sure of what they are?  Here’s the scoop: twice each year, Pantone Color Institute publishes their color trends for the upcoming season.  For Fall/Winter 2013 some of their colors include Turbulence, Carafe, Acai and my personal favorite, Vivacious!



However, you don’t have to wait until the leaves start to fall to rock some of these colors for late summer.  Whether it’s a gray pair of shorts, a fuchsia sundress or a pretty purple peep-toe pump, (there I go again), you can look like the ‘fashion-savvy-nista’ that you are and wear pre-season inspired frocks like famous ‘It Girls’ so often do.


In these hazy days, lazy days of summer, you can help cool things down by ushering the next season a little early!

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