Happy Saturday!

As a child, arts and crafts were always my favorite activity of the school day.  I never outgrew my love for it.   Plus, if tissue paper was involved, I was at my happiest.  Its array of vivid colors and the infinite ways to create whimsical results always amazed me.



I recently had the chance to indulge in some tissue paper crafting for a 1st birthday party. The party had aCandyland theme and I was inspired when visiting my favorite candy store, Candy For All Occasions located in Wilmington, DE.  This unique little store has a plethora of candy in every container imaginable.  There are even large oversized candies hanging on the walls.  It was those candies that inspired me to create my tissue paper madness.

Then, the shopping began, and off to my favorite craft store I went!  Assorted boxes, balloons, tissue paper, scissors, tape were acquired, and the mission of creating tissue paper candy and lollipops had begun!


So here’s a quick how-to on making your own tissue paper round candy:

Items needed:

1 Balloon

2 -3 sheets of tissue paper (if possible try to match the tissue paper to the color of the balloon)

2 pieces of curling ribbon (match the tissue paper color)

1 small piece of transparent tape (optional but not necessary)

Start off by blowing up your balloon according to the size of the candy you desire.  I would suggest at least half-size to get a nice size candy.  After your balloon is tied, wrap the sheets of tissue paper around the balloon twisting each end. Tie the curling ribbon on each end of the wrapped balloon and cut the loose ends. Make sure your tissue paper is smoothly wrapped around the balloon. If there are any spaces that won’t lay smooth, use the transparent tape to hold them.

To make your tissue paper candy resemble Jolly Ranchers, use a box instead of the balloon and an additional layer of clear cellophane over the tissue paper.


Tissue paper crafts are suitable for events from grade school-aged children to adults and they will surely wow your guest every time!


Joren’s  1st Birthday Party pics
photos courtesy of my Iphone 5 🙂


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